EZ Cut 5' X 10' 7200 Series down-draft and water table

The 7200 Series EZ Cut CNC plasma table is ideal for companies who have high volume custom metal fabrication or low volume prototype cutting and are seeking a durable CNC plasma cutting system that will last. The 7200 series CNC plasma table has custom extruded aluminum side rails and gantry, and custom aluminum castings for end trucks. These custom made parts ensure precise torch positional accuracy of 0.001”.

CNC Plasma Table Benefits

  • Automatic Torch Height Control (ATHC)
  • 3-axis closed loop Motion Control System, Dual side drive on the long axis: X, XX, Y, and Z all with electronic proximity optical sensors
  • Powerful Nema 23, 2-phase high speed, high torque motors drive all axis with 3/8" shaft
  • V-Groove bearing guide rides are 52100 high chrome bearing steel milled on the gantry during the extrusion process
  • 2" V-Groove bearings rated for radial loads up to 1386 lbs.
  • Wide 10" bearings points give stability for the gantry end trucks
  • Quad-capture torch lifter with ohmic clip initial height sensing
  • Fully welded steel support legs and cast steel adjusting feet
  • Black anodized, custom extruded frame
  • 1.5" pinions with tucked rail and rack design
  • Heavy-duty custom extruded aluminum gantry and side rails
  • Custom cast aluminum end trucks to minimize vibration
  • Fully shrouded table with 12" exhaust plenum
  • Cross-axis power tracking
  • UL listed
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Click here for layout of the system

Plasma Cutter Options:

CNC Plasma Cutter

Hypertherm Plasma Cutters

EZ Cut CNC offers air, mixed-gas, and High-Definition plasma cutters made by Hypertherm. Each type and model offered has different cutting capabilities and cut characteristics to deliver superior cutting results with carbon steel, stainless, and aluminum.

Thermal Dynamics Plasma Cutter

Thermal Dynamics Plasma Cutters

EZ Cut CNC offers a full-line of plasma cutters made by Thermal Dynamics. The line includes air, mixed-gas, and HD Precision plasma cutters to provide excellent cutting results with carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

CNC Plasma Table Construction:

Proudly Made in the USA

Drive Motor System

All of our tables have a NEMA 23, 2-phase high speed, high torque motor. Being that all of our tables include this precision motor, we can safely say that all projects completed using our CNC Plasma Tables will be top quality.

Zero Backlash Gearbox

The transmission used for the X-axis are machined from cast aluminum and are driven by a urethane belt reinforced with steel cables. In addition to having an extremely stable transmission, the gantry also features wide bearing points spanning 10" for increased stability.


DualVee™ bearings are used throughout the entire table. The technology within the bearing assemblies restrict debris from blocking the gantry tracks by sweeping debris aside during operation.

Gantry and Side Rails

The gantry is designed to maximize stiffness by using a high quality aluminum extrusion process. The gantry includes a rectangular tube chassis and 10mm thick walls bringing together an extremely rigid design. V-groove bearings are also referenced in the design. The extruded aluminum design of the gantry and the side rails create perfectly straight alignment.

End trucks

The end trucks used on all plasma tables compliment the precision engineering used in the gantry design. The supports are machined out of cast aluminum and are used to house X-axis drive motors and bearings ensuring extreme stability for precision operation.

Base & Frame

The base frame is made using aerospace-grade aluminum custom extruded from 10mm thick sheets and features precision bearing datums to ensure stability. The base frame is then attached to fully welded steel support legs and then is reinforced. The base frame also features an integrated dross pan/fume extraction plenum.